Erwin Kaegi | V.P. & General Manager
Erwin Kaegi


Erwin was instrumental in the company's formation in 2002, taking ColorStar from concept to a fully functioning and profitable Manufacturing and R&D center. Early on Erwin became part owner of ColorStar Imaging Inc.

Erwin has over 30 years of expereince in the computer printer supplies and inkjet cartridge printing industry. He was an Exectuive Manager with Pelikan, developing large-scale inkjet remanufacturing production for the mass retail markets. He was responsible for the development, implementation, and transfer of complete product lines, working both in engineering and R&D in Europe and the United States.

Jerry Glenn | Plant / Production Manager
Jerry Glenn


Jerry was key to ColorStar's plant and production start-up in 2002. He continues to be instrumental in ColorStar's high quality products and efficient production, with the support of his team ColorStar continues to create customer satisfaction to this day.

Prior to ColorStar, Jerry was the production manager for Pelikan / NuKote working closley with product development. He has over 30 years of expereince in printing supplies manufacturing and production processes.