We stand behind our products like few do!

As one of the leading manufacturers of inkjet cartridges we understand and appreciate a quality commitment to our customers, partners, and employees.

When it comes to ColorStar quality, we make no short cuts. We know that our customers trust us with their reputation. In order to compete in the market, we have to produce and maintain the best possible quality. Our employees are a very important factor to maintaining our high quality standards. To ensure our employees produce the highest possible quality we continue to educate and communicate the most current information available on a daily basis.

Our employees are trained to follow in-house procedures and specifications. The OEM product is our benchmark. We evaluate OEM and competitors products on an ongoing base and set the standards accordingly. After our manufacturing process, we rigorously test each cartridge before it is released. We guarantee a one year replacement for any defects. It is our ultimate goal to be recognized as the quality leader in the industry.


ColorStar warranties every product for one (1) year over the purchase date.